Best Selfies Ideas, that will influence on Social Media

Best Selfies Ideas, that will influence on Social Media

Best Selfies Ideas, that will influence on Social Media : Selfies have a mixed reputation. Many people think of selfies, and their mind gets flooded with people in forced poses.

But self-portraits can result in high-quality images too! You only need to practice a couple of creative selfie poses to learn how to take a good selfie.

1. Strike Silly Poses to Get Authentic Selfies

In the beginning, it might feel awkward or forced to pose for your selfie. Let the pressure go, and try silly poses that make you laugh.

The problem with selfies is that often they seem unnatural. You can avoid this by being yourself and capturing whatever you feel like doing.

2. Relax Your Lips

Ever wondered why professional ideas’ lips look so soft and kissable? Because they have learnt to relax their mouth.

Open your mouth a tiny bit and pretend you are breathing through them. Your lips won’t be pressed together anymore and will look fuller.

3. Smile in Your Selfies

You might feel awkward when taking selfies alone. But a smile makes every photo look better! Even if you have to fake it.

To avoid looking uncomfortable, practice in front of the mirror. Think about something that makes you laugh. Or someone you would love to smile at.

4. Don’t Forget to Pose Your Eyes

Eyes are always in the focus of selfies. So you have to make sure they look good and find poses to emphasise them in your selfie.

You can look straight into the camera. This pose will make you look honest and direct. Keep in mind that many people look like having cross-eyes if they look at something close to their face. You can reduce this effect by looking a bit underneath the camera.

5. Position Your Face In the Corner or in the Side of the Photo

You can include much more of the background if you position your face in one of the corners of the selfie. It also gives the viewer the impression that you only entered the frame by accident. As if it was a real candid shot.

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