First American Woman to Earn An Olympic Medal in Judo- Ronda Rousey

First American Woman to Earn An Olympic Medal in Judo- Ronda Rousey

Ronda Jean Rousey An American Professional Wrestler, and Martial art athlete

Ronda Jean Rousey was born in February 1, 1987 Riverside, California, US. She is a prestigious wrestler athlete. She has played in many world championships and also qualified for Olympics games. Ronda well famous nickname is ‘Rowdy’ because of the overall performance in different World series. The main profession of Ronda Jean is Judo and in this field she has Black belt with the 6th rank around world. Besides it she has 5 feet and 7 inch height and 61 kg weight. Rousey performed many World Championships like as World Championships, Pan American Championships and and WWE wrestling. In the early life of Ronda was hard and she struggled in his life with full consequently efforts. Her mother Ann Maria was also Judo athlete and she was first American woman qualified the Olympics.

Rousey inherited Judo with her mother and her grandfather was a doctor who migrated in Canada. Her father committed suicide when she was eight year old because he was suffering from paralysis phase. It was the critical time for Rousey. In the age of 6 years Rousey can’t speak because she was suffering from Apraxia disorder. Rousey started Judo career in 11 year age with her mother. In the of 17 year, Rousey qualified Judoka for Athens Olympics.

Brief summary About Professional Wrestler Ronda Jean Rousey

NameRonda Jean Rousey or Rowdy
BornFebruary 1, 1987 in Riverside California US
Height5 feet and 7 inch
Weight61 kg
Profession styleJudo, Wrestling
World Championships MedalSilver -in Rio de Janeiro 2007
Olympics MedalBronze -Beijing 2008

Judo career life and early life success of Ronda Jean Rousey

Rousey started Judo in the age of 11 and she practiced with her mother. After two year her practice was so strong that she had broken her mother wrist during practice. When she was 17 year old then she had qualified for Athens Olympics. But this match was not Rousey favor. In 2004, World Junior Judo championship he won Gold medal. After that in 2006 he won Brigham World Cup in Judo. After it when she was 19 years old, she won won the bronze medal at the Junior World Championships. With this success she was first female of U.S. who had two Junior World Medal.

In 2007 Rousey won Silver medal in World Judo Championships and gold medal Pan American games. In August 2008 she qualified Olympics and won bronze medal. With this glorious victory Rousey was the first American Judo female who won the medal since 1992.

Mixed Martial arts career and Glorious wining success of Rousey

Rousey started his Martial arts career traininghg with her mother. Early martial art of Rousey started with MMA Academy, which was run by Gokor Chivichyan. Rousey started his first mixed martial art in 2010 and it was her first win against Hayden Munoz. As a professional mixed martial arts she started in the March 27, 2011. In 2011 to 2012 she won strike force championship, however this championship was totally controversial. In 2012, Women’s Bantamweight Champion won by the Rousey against Tate which was held in Columbus. November 2012, Ultimate Fighting Championship was announced and with this announcement Rousey also decided to participate this championships. She was first American female fighter signed UFC championship. In this fight Rousey defeated her opponent Carmouche and won the fight at 4:49 into the first round.

Professional WWE Wrestling career of Rousey and Success

Ronda Rousey was the first prestigious female fighter in UFC history. He achieved many consecutive medals in UFC. She was the first American female who earned these gold medals in few short time. There is not a single female MMA fighter who was able to do this before. She was sparkling star of UFC. To seeing his MMA success Rousey decided to step in WWE. She has always been a fan of WWE from her nickname “Rowdy”. In WWE Rousey got fans and fame both, it was big market for Rousey revolution. In 2017 Rousey joined WWE full time basis. Rousey make surprise when she was participated Raw Women’s Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship. Both championship won by Ronda Jean with glorious career success.

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