National Epilepsy Day History, Significance

National Epilepsy Day History, Significance

National Epilepsy Day History, Significance : National Epilepsy Day is determined on November 17 each yr to generate awareness among people about epilepsy. Here is how you could cope with the seizures. Ational Epilepsy Day 2020: Epilepsy is a chronic non-communicable brain ailment that led to recurrent ‘seizures’ or ‘suits’. Recurrent seizures are brief episodes of involuntary movement which can involve a part of the frame (partial) or the whole frame (generalized) and are sometimes observed by using lack of consciousness and manipulate of bowel or bladder function.

Seizures episodes take place due to the sudden, immoderate electrical discharges inside the neurons or brain cells. It is able to have an effect on human beings at any age, and every age organization suffers from different problems. Therefore to generate awareness amongst humans about epilepsy, its symptoms, and remedy country wide Epilepsy Day is located every yr.

National Epilepsy Day History, Significance

National Epilepsy Day 2021: Date

National Epilepsy Day is determined on November 17 each yr. The Epilepsy foundation of India began a nationwide marketing campaign to reduce the superiority of this disorder in the U.S.A. According to the arena health business enterprise, approximately 50 million humans are suffering from epilepsy making it one of the maximum commonplace neurological sicknesses globally.

Almost eighty% of people with epilepsy live in low- and center-earnings international locations. Consequently, it’s miles enormous to make human beings aware of the condition and decrease the quantity of affected people.

National Epilepsy Day Quotes, Wishes

Despite the fact that epilepsy is treatable, but three-fourths of affected humans in developing international locations do not receive the specified treatment. But, in step with nhp.Gov.In, approximately 10 million people in India be afflicted by seizures associated with epilepsy.

  • Don’t panic
  • Loosen any tight neckwear
  • Allow the person to rest or sleep
  • Put something soft pillow under his or her head
  • Remove sharp objects or other harmful objects around the person
  • Do not put anything into the person’s mouth for the fear of swallowing tongue
  • Roll the person onto one side so that any fluid in the mouth can safely come out.

Symptoms of epilepsy

The symptoms of epilepsy are as follows:

  • Loss of consciousness is very common
  • One may feel stiffness in muscles of arms or legs or face
  • Tingling sensation (feeling of pricking pins or needles) in arms or legs
  • One may feel sudden twitching (uncontrollable jerking motions of the arms and legs)

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