Panasonic, 100+ year old international company. Interesting facts about it….

Panasonic, 100+ year old international company. Interesting facts about it….

Panasonic Corporate Company management, History and Appliances

Panasonic is about 99 year old company which established in Japan firstly. This company manufactured many products in market like as electronics, home appliances, semiconductors and other valuable electric products. Panasonic company established in 1918 in Osaka japan. Above all it is the Japanese technology based company owned by Konsuke Matsushita. All activities and operations of the company are hold from it’s headquarter Kadoma, Japan. Further Company owns many subsidiaries company like as Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Panasonic Electric Works, Anchor Electronics etc.

In the initially phase Company name was ” Matsuchita Electric Industrial” but in 2008 company replaced his name with the “Panasonic Corporation“. Company launched his old TV set in 1952 with the name of National TV which was the famous brand of Panasonic. In 1927 company take shares of ‘National’ brand and it was the first brand adopted by company. In this series and with the partnership of ‘National’ brand company launched National TV in 1955. With the growth, Panasonic launched many electric equipment’s in 1965 and in this deal to sell out these products and accessories, company used the ‘Technics’ name. In 2008 company globally announced that company universal name now is Panasonic and also launched tagline ” A Better Life, A Better World”.

Brief History of Panasonic Corporate and Management

Company NameMatsuchita Electric Industrial or Panasonic Corporate
Formation of CompanyMarch 1918, Osaka, Japan
Founder Konsuke Matsushita
Head quarter Kadoma, Osaka Japan
SubsidiariesPanasonic Avionics Corporation, Panasonic Electric Works, Anchor Electronics etc.
Products Electronics, Home appliances, Software
Net worth 284 billion Euro, in 2019

Famous brands and products of Panasonic Global Ltd.

Moreover Panasonic Corporation manufactures many electronics, home appliances, software and other gadgets. The company sells many products like as Plasma and LED TVs. Obviously company manufactures Vacuum cleaners, Ovens, Digital photography cameras, Home stereo accessories, Printers, electronic circuits and electronic components. Company provides products and services from business to customer such as home appliances. Further company offer comfortable location including housing, offices and commercial facilities for new startups. There are many products company manufactures like as Air conditioners meet the future, Washing Machine, Panasonic Microwave and Panasonic Refrigerator direct cool. Beside it Panasonic plasma TV, Panasonic beauty accessories, Air purifier, Headphones etc.

Current operations and Subsidiaries of Panasonic Global

Till 2012 Panasonic Global Ltd. have more than 580 subsidiaries across the world. Panasonic works all over the world and have 1.40 lakh above patents up to 2012. According to company, Company’s operations are hold by seven subsidiaries companies and each of these companies have more than subsidiaries partners. The first is Life Solutions or Panasonic Homes. Panasonic Home is a construction company now this company makes smart cities in over the world which is subsidiary company of the Panasonic Global. Second is Panasonic Avionics Corporation. This company provides in flight entertainment and communications. Additionally it third is Panasonic Mobile Communications. Mobile communication manufactures many mobile devices and accessories.

Above all fourth subsidiary company is Automatic System Divisions, supplies mobile devices and manufactures original equipment’s. Five subsidiary is Giga Nevada and main operations of company is to manufacture rechargeable batteries. Furthermore sixth partner of Panasonic is Prime Planet Energy Solutions , this company in automobile sectors and manufactures various batteries for vehicle industry. Finally famous company cooperative partner of Panasonic are like as Panasonic India which operates in India. Besides it Panasonic Europe, Panasonic Goble Indonesia also provides services as a subsidiary partner across the world.

Which products are better between Sony and Panasonic

Overall Sony and Panasonic both are Japanese brand and both have electronic accessories and digital gadgets market. Sony was famous brand at the time of CRT TV. In the long run when CRT TVS end and plasma TV came in market then Sony TVs market total collapses. In the present era the time is Plasma and LED, LCD TVs and in this time Sony is back compare of plasma TVs. As far as quality is more better of Panasonic LED Televisions because they use IPS Panels which are more bright in terms of picture quality. Usually Sony also provides these facilities but in term of picture quality Panasonic is better than Sony.

Sony Music systems vs Panasonic music systems, Which better ?

If we talk music system then Panasonic and Sony music systems both come with latest and high quality speakers. Music systems of Sony have very powerful technology and marvelous equalizers but Panasonic in this field is not number one. In conclusion if we talk with digital Cameras then in overall term quality they are all very good. You couldn’t possibly go wrong with any one of those four cameras. Further all we talk home appliances then Panasonic Home appliances are solid and strong but Sony appliances are weak. Sony appliances easily upgradeable and uses with modern system. In teems of quality Panasonic LED Televisions as they use IPS panels that are crisper and sharper in terms of image quality and wider view angle. But Sony uses uses VA panels that is poorer than Panasonic.

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