Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die

Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die

Ancient Hindu Temple and Their Mysterious History Know About it

Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die : If you believed in ancient temples and religions then it is the best place to visit you. Here we are providing the best places and temples which are famous for their archaeological architecture and creation. These famous temples are very ancient and well known for their old ancient design. As well as, these temples, which display some of India’s greatest temple architecture, are the backbone of Tamil culture. Here’s where to find the most magnificent South India temples. Many of these places have more than just the one temple, so do look around.

1. Meenakshi Temple, Madurai TamilNadu

Ancient Madurai in Tamil Nadu is home to the most impressive and important temple in South India—the Meenakshi temple. If you only see one South Indian temple, this temple should be it. The temple complex covers 15 acres, and has 4,500 pillars and 12 towers — it’s massive! Most astonishing of all is its many sculptures.

Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die

The 12-day Chithirai Festival, featuring a reenacted celestial wedding of the temple’s god and goddess, held in Madurai during April each year. Read more about the Meenakshi temple and how to visit it and discover the top things to do in Madurai.

2. Brihadeswara temple, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Thanjavur emerged as the stronghold of Tamil culture in the 11th century, with Chola king Raja Raja I at the helm. The powerful Cholas built more than 70 temples in Thanjavur, with the most outstanding one being the Brihadeswara temple (known as the Big Temple). This temple is one of three Great Living Chola Temples listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die

It turned 1,000 years old in 2010, also making it among the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in India. Constructed solely out of stone, its dome rises to over 60 meters, and the passage around the sanctum adorned with Chola frescoes.

3. Lord Venkateswara (Lord Vishnu), Tirupati Balaji, Andhra Pradesh

Extremely popular with pilgrims, the sprawling temple complex of Lord Venkateswara (Lord Vishnu) situated above Tirupati in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. Those who are able can walk the 4,000 steps up the hill to the temple, which takes two to four hours. Otherwise, it’s easier to go by bus. The temple is one of the most visited and wealthiest in India, as can seen by its gold-plated dome.

Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die

It’s been patronized by all the various rulers and kings over the years. In recent times, Bollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai prayed at the temple after their marriage in 2007. Keep in mind that there are a number of challenges when visiting Tirupati Temple, including huge crowds, making it suited to serious pilgrims only.

4. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple (Khajuraho) (Built 1017-29) M.P.

Most of the temples at Khajuraho constructed between 950 and 1050 CE by the Chandela dynasty, who became the most powerful rulers of northern and central India from the 9th to the 12th century, achieving their zenith around 1030. According to historical records, during the 12th century the site had as many as 85 temples spread out over 20 square kilometers. Today, only about 20 temples are still standing.

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Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die

Of these, the largest surviving Saiva shrine is Khandarya Mahadeva, while the largest Vishnu shrines include those of Chaturbhuja and Ramachandra. Although still in active use in 1200, during the next century the complex overrun by forces of the Delhi Sultanate, under the command of the Muslim Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak.

5. Badrinath Uttarakhand Area In the Himalayas

Located in the Uttarakhand area in the Himalayas, this is one of the most famous temples in India that dedicated to Vishnu. It is also one of the four Char Dhams, which are the holiest temples in India. The four Char Dhams represent the four directions, with Badrinath representing the North.

Top 5 Old Hindu Temple In India, You Should Visit Before Die

Now, the Hindu temple sits, a whopping, 10,248 feet (3,133 m) above sea level and can only be accessed in the summer months, when the weather is more tolerable and less chilly. So make sure to consider this before your trip.

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