Why is Sleep important for Human Health and Interesting sleep myths damaging your Health

Why is Sleep important for Human Health and Interesting sleep myths damaging your Health

Is it true that the sleep from 10 pm to 2 am is the most regenerative?

In the human beings and all alive species Sleep plays a very important role. Sleep is important phenomena to give relax to our body. According to Health Science Sleep is a phase to give the peace of body and mind. As well as every man has different time to sleep. Average time of sleep is six to eight hour in humans but there is no fix time period. It depends only on your physical body that how many time your body got relaxed. Sleep is not simply a period of inactivity. But many persons have sleep myths that causes health issues.

It is in some ways more complex than our waking life, at least in terms of brain activity. It is true that the sleep between 10 pm to 2 am is the most regenerative because Melatonin, released by the Pineal gland, who enhances your sleep. As well as some people got relaxed in the six to eight hours daily sleep but others are not satisfied in the 10 hours more time. When you asleep your conscious mind got inactive and your subconscious mind get active phase. In you can relaxed your thoughts and ideas occurring in your conscious mind then you will also relaxed with open eyes. Health experts says that your body sleeps within two round.

05 Physical benefits to Enough Sleep with peaceful mind

  1. Reduced Stress-When we take sleep in enough then our body works in proper way and many stress Hormones’ be inactive.
  2. Better Control of Body Weight- Lack of Sleep causes to overweight.
  3.  Leptin and Ghrelin Hormone balance- If you take enough sleep then Leptin Hormone secretion and Ghrelin Hormone works as a proter way and your body relaxed in proper BMI index.
  4. An Healthy Immune System- Good sleep ensures immune system to be strong, and increases its resistance to different illnesses.
  5. Fresh Mood with empty thoughts- It is very important for your health. It is during sleep when your body repairs and heals itself to start a fresh new day with new responsibilities.

Sleep myths ‘damaging your health’- Unknown fact about Sleep

Health researchers says that widely held myths about sleep are damaging our health and our mood, as well as shortening our lives. There are a lot of myths that we have in our mind and body but in the backside a science is hidden. Know about the myths of Sleep-

Myth 1– Five hour and less sleep is enough for a common man ?

Former Prime Minister of UK Margaret Thatcher famously had a brief four hours a night. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made similar claims that she also sleeps 4 hour in day. It is common for them but as a common man this is a myth. These may causes included cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes, and shorter life expectancy.

Myth 2– Alcohol before bed boosts your sleep ?

To take Alcohol and beer pack is a myth, says the health worker. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a dram of whisky or a bottle of beer can reduce your sleep with full peaceful mind. It may help you fall asleep, but it dramatically reduces the quality of your rest that night.

Myth 3– Watching TV in bed helps you relax and you got sleep ?

If you have the habit to go in bed to watching TV then it is your bad habit. Because to sleep with TV along with smartphones and tablets, is they produce blue light, which can delay the body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Myth 4– If you’re struggling to sleep, stay in bed ?

If you are not getting sleep in the 15 minutes in your bed then you should change your environment for sleep. To struggling with the sleep for long time is the myth that you will sleep peacefully says Health experts.

Myth 5– Snoring is always harmless ?

According to health experts Snoring can be harmless, but it can also be a sign of the disorder sleep Aponia. This causes the walls of the throat to relax and narrow during sleep, and can briefly stop people breathing.

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