Highest CPC Countries Ranking By Google Adsense

Highest CPC Countries Ranking By Google Adsense

Highest CPC Countries Ranking By Google Adsense : In the technology Era High cpc keyword and countries are the curious query for the bloggers. As well as, They are excited about the high cpc. Every blogger want to demand with relevant high cpc keywords. So here are the list of best countries which give their bloggers high paid in the world. So know about the high cpc keywords and rankings countries which owns the best paid money around the world.

1. $0.48 – Australia. Highest CPC Countries

The region with the highest average cost per click in Australia is New South Wales at A$1.83. So The region with the lowest average CPC in Australia is Northern Territory at A$0.27. As well as, The Industry with the highest average CPC in Australia is ‘Insurance’ at A$12.39.

2. $0.44 – Netherlands Antilles

There is no doubt that Google AdSense is the best and highest paying ads network in the world. Although other ads networks such as media.net are also coming up very strong, maybe in the future they might be robbing shoulder with AdSense.

One of the variables which the Google AdSense uses the calculate their publishers’ earnings is the Cost Per Click (CPC). The value of the CPC is what most AdSense publishers look at to determine their profits.

3. $0.43 – Denmark. Highest CPC Countries

The accumulation of the AdSense publishers earned will be paid to them by Google once in a month as long as they reach the payment threshold.

Google AdSense CPC varies base on the country the visitors are clicking. Clicks from some countries attract high CPC, while some other countries have reduced CPC.

There is no full information at to all the variables responsible for high and low Cost Per Click in countries, and the reason why CPC varies from one country to another.

4. $0.41 – Switzerland.

But by understanding how the AdSense ecosystem works, countries with the highest CPC are countries where more advertisers are targeting more. The reason for high CPC is the bidding and competition of ads in those countries.

5. $0.36 – South Africa.

Besides it South Africa also has High Cpc in the world. Here are the top best countries list of High cpc and keywords.

2Netherlands Antilles$0.44
5South Africa$0.36
7New Zealand$0.32
10United Kingdom$0.27

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