How to Start Rabbit Husbandry in India

How to Start Rabbit Husbandry in India

Farming and Future Career in Pet Rabbit And Breeding

India is the country where many species of animals and pets are found. Indian people breeds the small pet animals, rabbit is the most pet animals also found in country. As well as, there are many countries where rabbits and their species found. But in Indian continent we see the beautiful and vivid kinds of rabbits as the pets. Further all, to earning their livelihood Indian people breeds many type of pets like as goats, sheep and others.

Rabbit one of them species found in India. Mostly, pet species are found in mountain’s village and plain areas in India. Rabbit is a innocent and rapidly running animal species.

Farming and Future Career in Pet Rabbit And Breeding

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Why is Necessary to Farming Rabbits ?

India is a agriculture based country. Almost 75 percent people are depends on agriculture industry and farming. Per ca-pita income of peoples are very poor. So people tries to strong their economy condition with the different types of work. Rabbit farming is one of them. As well as rabbit farming profession is not expensive profession.

And it is easy to handle for each family members, like as old man and women. Consequently, in the world economy rabbit farming plays role as a commercial profession so Indian is the best place for farming. India is the country where best opportunities are available for animals breeding and farming.

Why is Necessary to Farming Rabbits ?

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Rabbit Farming Cost, Expenses, Growth Time and More

Rabbit farming cost is not expensive. You can start the profession to expenditure with the 20,000 thousands with 25 to 30 rabbits. It is the most finding species in the world. People can earn more money with the rabbit farming. Rabbits lifetime is 9 to 12 years. And breeding time is 65 to 75 days.

The gestation and breeding cycle occurs 28 to 30 days in the rabbits. As well as, rabbit is the most commonly species found in India. People uses it as a pet animals but you can also use it as a profession. Consequently rabbit uses many types as a meat, to attract children and others.

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Rabbit Farming Cost, Expenses, Growth Time and More
Hare and Bunny Species for Pets in India

Above all, many species of hare and bunny found in India. Commonly rabbits are two types pets and wild rabbit. As well as Pets animal are available in India as a commercial purpose. Besides it, Some famous species which are famous for the bunny are below

  • Lepus nigricollis aryabertensis
  • Lepus nigricollis dayanus
  • Hare Lepus nigricollis nigricollis
  • Lepus nigricollis ruficaudatus
  • Lepus nigricollis sadiya
  • Hare Lepus nigricollis simcoxi
  • Lepus nigricollis singhala

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