How to Play PUBG, Begginers Guide to Play Game

How to Play PUBG, Begginers Guide to Play Game

How to play PUBG?

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale mobile game. This game is about gathering supplies and defeating opponents, and that all happens while the safe zone shrinks in size. Before you jump into the game, it would help if you have some basic knowledge about the game such as in-game weapons, their attachments and ammo, throwables, healing items, vehicles, the Blue Zone, and the Red Zone. You should also learn some tactics for winning the game. If you play with good skill and a high IQ, you could be regarded as a PUBG Mobile pro.

  1. Acknowledge specific requirements for carrying PUBG Mobile APK on your phone. Before entering the installing process, keep in mind how to meet the requirements for supporting the PUBG Mobile APK. Originally, PUBG Mobile did not have many features when it was released, though now it does.
    • Back in 2018, the game could adjust in low-end devices also was comfortable in 2 GB RAM and old version processors.
    • Now, an Android with more than 3 GB of RAM is ideal.
    • There are differences between Apple devices and Android devices. Namely, Apple devices work better with processors, so keep that in mind.
  1. 2 Download the PUBG Mobile App. Keep in mind that PUBG Mobile is completely free to download from everywhere. The Play Store is considered a beneficial idea for downloading PUBG Mobile.
    • The Google Play Store has the highest downloading speed, so keep that in mind.
    • At present, the PUBG mobile app size is around 650MB.
    • It needs 329 MB for the low specification resource pack and 583 MB for the HD resource pack.

Part 2 Setting Up The Game

  1. 1 Log in through multiple options. You will need to register for PUBG Mobile, and you can do that through including Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, QQ, and Game Center (if you are using an iOS device)
    • You can also use the guest sign-in method to test the game.
  2. 2 Chose a specific name and character. Once you are on the “Create New Character” screen, you can change your character’s appearance and create your username.
    • You must select a unique name with no symbols or spaces.
    • Some options will not work because you need to upgrade the Royal Pass to unlock those features.
  1. 3 Download a Resource Pack. After completing the name and character customization, it will enter the lobby. In the lobby, first of all, you need to download an additional Resource Pack.
    • Through downloading the Resource Pack, you can unlock some materials such as maps, clothes, skins, voice packs, HD graphics, and all the equipment will be adjusted after downloading these resource packs.
  2. 4 Understand the recommended graphics setting. There are multiple settings available for improving graphics quality.
    • Note that higher graphics settings and frame rates demand high-end devices and may use more battery.
    • For better FPS, set the graphics setting to smooth no matter what device you have. However, do select the highest applicable frame rate. It makes spotting enemies easier.
    • Consider turning on anti-aliasing for smoother graphics.
  3. 5 Customize your controls. Go to Settings – Controls to customize your control setting. Control customization is an important feature in PUBG Mobile, and a good control setting allows you to maneuver your character easily and make your gameplay performance incredible.
  1. You may hear some PUBG players talking about “claws” when bringing up the topic of control settings. That refers to the number of fingers(e.g., 2 or 3)used for the control setting, specifically the key buttons (ones for movement, firing, opening scope, etc.). Most newcomers start with a 2-finger claw control setting, though you may want to add more fingers to your setting as you get more advanced at the game. Some pro PUBG players use claw settings that require up to 10 fingers! Try on some different control settings and find one that feels comfortable and performs well in battle. The picture above is an example of a 4-finger claw setting.
  2. 6 Customize your sensitivity setting. A good sensitivity setting is crucial: you rely on it for better aiming and less recoil. There really is no one-size-fits-all sensitivity setting, and the best sensitivity for you will depend on the device you are using, your proficiency with controlling recoil, among other factors. Continue to adjust your sensitivity setting until you are completely satisfied with it.
  1. There are 2 main parts of the sensitivity setting: The camera sensitivity (sensitivity when the screen is swiped, while NOT firing) and the ADS sensitivity (sensitivity when the screen is swiped while firing). Gyroscope players also have 2 more parts—Gyroscope sensitivity and ADS gyroscope sensitivity. Most phone players need to adjust their gyroscope sensitivity settings, while a lot of iPad players can still rock without using gyroscope at all.
  2. 7 Learn lobby features. The PUBG mobile lobby is filled with different events, matchmaking features, and a Royal pass option.
    • On the left side, you will see the friend list. Request some friends if you haven’t already, and invite your friends to play matches with you.
  3. 8 Choose Clothes for your character. From a gamer’s perspective, it isn’t only a fashion show. Also, it’s a battle royale, so think tactically about it. Muted shades will give you a tactical advantage.
    • With the snowy Vikendi map, you’ll want lighter colors so that a white shirt is useful mostly.

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